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Award ceremony for participants in Minerva 2019 courses

Ceremony for the assignment of the position of President of the Center for Italian Linguistic Studies to Prof. Alberto Manco

Award ceremony for participants in Minerva 2019 courses

European Day of Languages 2019 in Tbilisi

Official opening of the Center for Italian Language and Culture Minerva at Sokhumi State University

Minerva is an Italian-Georgian NGO (Non Governative Organization), Committed to Execellence, accredited in Georgia since 2014. Our committement is in Education,  Tourism, Innovation and New Techonogies, expecially in the field of Education.  We are working in cooperation with local and Governamental Institution, Universities and NGOs located in Georgia, in Italy and around the world.

NGO Minerva

Minerva is significantly involved in regional development, in the study of languages, in the multi-ethnic and multilingual integration process, as well as in the analysis and development of intercultural relations.
Tourism with its multidisciplinary aspects, sensitivity to the environment and the territory, constitutes the natural place of study and application, thanks to the presence of a series of characteristics such as culture, food and traditions and whose enhancement constitutes the true wealth of the territory.
The economic fabric operating therein also constitutes a further enhancement factor.
Tourism thus understood becomes the engine of the economic development of the territory, as well as the qualifying element in the employment and environmental sphere.

Other areas of interest are migration, gender equality, youth development and environmental issues

From an organizational point of view, the NGO Minerva is the container in which the departments of excellence coexist, such as the Center for Italian Language and Culture (CLCI), the Center for Italian Linguistic Studies (CSLI) and the Institute for New Technologies, Innovation and Development (INTIS).

CLCI Minerva

The Center for Italian Language and Culture Minerva was born and developed with the aim of promoting the diffusion of the Italian language in the country, in a context of mutual diffusion of the different cultures and with the aim of contributing to raising teaching standards in schools and in universities. To achieve this goal, Minerva favors and sponsors the use of new technologies to always support the educational process.

CLCI MInerva is aimed at all those who intend to learn the Italian language for cultural, study and professional reasons. The basic philosophy with which Minerva operates is contact with students, preferably in their natural learning environment (School and University) and with the aim of guaranteeing them quality teaching. The study of the language therefore becomes a factor of intercultural growth and at the same time a vector to guarantee them an outlet in professions and future work activities. In fact, it is known that one of the best ways to improve professional development is through the improvement of foreign languages which can increase the chances of making a career or finding work at home or abroad. Our motto therefore is “Voted to Excellence for the success of our students”.

CSLI Minerva

The Center for Italian Linguistic Studies (Centro di Studi Linguistici Italiani) intends to provide graduates in the Italian language and high education institutions that provide for the teaching of Italian, an environment in which to discuss and grow linguistic studies, where linguistics as is known tends to seek certain laws governing the production of linguistic facts.
The Center for Italian Linguistic Studies therefore operates in the study of the phonology, morphology and syntax of the language which together form what is traditionally called grammar, while metrics study the rhythmic and intonative structure of the language, followed then by semantics and lexicology (which includes the etymology).
Being always attentive to intercultural aspects, CSLI Minerva also intends to study and promote the Caucasian languages, including Georgian and Abkhazian, which, as is well known, is included in the list of alphabets protected by UNESCO.

CLSI Minerva promotes cooperation with other similar centers in the Caucasus and elsewhere in the world.

head of the center is Professor Alberto Manco, associate professor for the course in “Glottology and linguistics” of the “Orientale” University (Naples)

Minerva INTIS

The Institute for New Technologies, Innovation and Research Minerva was created to provide the Organization Minerva, a technological support and in fact it constitutes an independent organization in favor of Research in the sector of new technologies and innovation. New technologies are intended to provide education with greater and qualified support. Other areas of interest are tourism, the environment, sustainable development and the discovery and promotion of new activities aimed at contributing to regional development, both in the Caucasus and in other regions of the world where it is possible to intervene.

Of particular interest is the development of platforms for distance teaching (e-learning) and the contribution to the development and growth of digital tourism.

Minerva also intends to provide support, through research and collaboration with other partners, for the development of startups and the identification of new sectors of interest, useful for creating new jobs, necessary for the transition to a new economy strongly characterized by a high automation and the use of non-human resources in the labor sector.

The eLearning Platform of Minerva

At the time of Covid-19

Minerva has made its e-learning platform available for Georgian schools and for the Sokhumi and Telavi State University for distance teaching of the Italian language, both in synchronous and asynchronous mode, thus allowing thousands of Georgian students to continue the lessons.

Minerva journal "Ciao Italia" will be online soon